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Trip to Manokamna Temple in Nepal

It’s not just about the casinos or the monasteries in Nepal. The country is much more than Pashupatinath temple and Lumbini.

The temple of Manakamana, a very popular pilgrimage in Nepal, is a temple of one of the manifestations of the Hindu goddess Bhagwati. Bhagwati is believed to have the power to fulfill wishes. It lies 125km to the west of Kathmandu.

So, on the , that is on 01.05.2009, we set out for a darshan of Goddess "Manokamna".
(The entrance of the Manokamna Temple)

(The lush green environs of the Temple area)

Here, we are now at an altitude of 500 mts above sea-level. River Trishuli flows right across the base area. From the base area, we need to climb to an altitude of 1320 mts on a mountain-top, where the Temple of Goddess "Manokamna" is situated. It normally takes 5 hours on foot to climb the entire height. But mostly tourists take Cable-Car to avoid the arduous job of climbing a difficult and risky mountain. It takes around 15 minutes to travel by Cable-Car and is quite adventurous. An amount of N.R's 350/- (I.R's 220/-) is charged as a fee, which is quite nominal.

(Huge gathering of Devotees outside the Ticket Counter)

(A man-made water-fall)

(Shristi, Mom, Dad & Myself)

(The long queue for the "darshan")

(The ropeway seen at a distance)

(The surrounding Mountains)

(A cable-car seen in between the trees)

(A close-up view of the houses biult on the edges of the hills)

(The cable cars- from which you simply cannot move your eyes from)

In the meantime, we helped ourselves with some snacks in an adjoining cafetaria.

(Shristi & Dad in the Cafetaria)

(The four-some)

(Dad & Mom)

(Dad & Mom waiting for their turn to catch the Cable-Car)

All five of us are now seated in the cable car.

(Dad & Shristi inside the Cable Car)

(A scintilating view of the surroundings, from inside the Cable Car)

(The Trishuli River flowing below)

(The roof-tops of the houses, which are built dangerously close to the edges of the hills)

(The Cables dangling dangerously, uphill)

(Some breathtaking views of the downhill)

(The pathway originally used by pilgrims, before cable-car-era)

(The terrace-farming)

(The fear of the unknown, writ large on Mom's face, inside the cable car)

Finally, we reached atop the hill where the shrine of Goddess Manokamna is situated. It is at a height of 1320 mts above sea-level. Here, you find lots of shops selling articles related to workship and there are many unrelated ones too !

(View of the shopper's alley)

(A well-fed goat, ready for sacrifice)

(Lots of goodies are on sale here- a perfect momento for your near & dear ones)

(Even Lord Ganesha is present here !)

A unique thing here is that you find "Somras", i.e, Hard Drinks easily available , just outside the Temple Complex, which is very unlike India. People here donot have guilt-complex inside temple-complex ! Also, the wine shop-keepers are females which is unimaginable in India !

(A wine shop besides the Temple Complex)

(Open-air Restaurants)

(Dad, Mom & Sumona at the Shopper's Alley)

(Some hard Bargains !)

(Shristi, figuring out, what to carry home)

(Sumona, Shrist & Mom strolling towards the main Temple Complex)

The Main Temple of Goddess "Manokamna" is situated at an altitude of 1400 mts. That means, we had trekked uphill by almost 100 mts, since we had left the Cable Car. Here, you can have a view of snow-clad Himalayas not far away. This day being cloudy, there was no such view.

(The main Temple)

(Rituals being done just outside the temple)

(Heavy ornamentation)

(A couple offerring special puja outside the Temple)

(Shristi & Myself)

(Sumona & Myself)

(Mom & Dad)


(The Holy Fire)

(The Holy Walls of the Temple)

(The Holy Temple)

(And, The Holy Offerring)

(And, the Holy Place, in totallity)

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